Jessie LeBaron Gardens is a boutique garden design studio based in Brooklyn, New York.  Our primary focus is plants, in all their glory.

We draw inspiration from nature, seasons, great art and architecture.  We provide full-scale garden designs, urban & country, conception to execution.  We also enjoy collaborating with architects, builders and fine crafts people.  Whatever the size or need, our unique vision and industry expertise will fulfill the goals of your outdoor space.  Our designs incorporate fences, stonework, containers, garden sculptures and bonsai trees.

Jessie LeBaron heads the company and the design team.  She was trained as a painter and has been the reciepant of a Guggenheim Fellowship in Painting as well as a Starr scholar at the Royal Academy of Art in London.  She has been an avid nature lover since childhood and has worked as a professional hands-on gardener and designer for over a decade.  She continues to paint, draw and make pottery in her free time.